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Canaan Alexander

Spanish capitalization of titles used as honorifics

The story is set around 150 years in the future, and portions of it take place in Sonora in Mexico. The main character is a child, and later a teenager. He speaks both Spanish and English. He has a habit of referring to people who have power or resources he does not by titles that are almost nicknames, and my research is coming up 50-50 on whether those titles get capitalized. Maybe either way is okay and I get to choose, I don't know. I'd be happier if somebody who speaks Spanish a whole lot better than I do has a firm answer.

For example, Ana is Señora Ana most of the time, because the narration is in English. If she's part of a whole sentence in dialogue in Spanish, she is la señora Ana. What's kicking my butt is the point of view character's habit of thinking of her as la Señora. Is Señora capitalized or no?

Likewise, Captain Muir Is Capitán When addressed directly, but should the point of view character think of him as El Capitán, el Capitán, or el capitán?

Thanks in advance if you can help.

ETA: I don't need help with the English--it was provided only as an example. If you've already commented on it, I apologize for taking up your time.
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