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Working for a 1930s Newspaper/Magazine

Could anyone point me towards a book, or site, or something, which would give me some idea of the workplace routine for reporters and press photographers in the 1930s? I would like to know as much of the slang and worklore as possible. It would be nice if a character could laugh at an inaccuracy in the film The Front Page.

I'd mildly prefer info about British newspapers and magazines; but would be grateful for US or European as well, if in English.

searched: this comm under journalism and 1930s tags. Wiki: History of journalism; history of newspapers and magazines; history of British newspapers; Times, photojournalism. Googled various combinations of reporters, journalists, 1930s, photojournalism, newspapers, newspaper office, depression, press, routine.(Those last three definitely didn't help.)

read Sanderson's Snow Hill. Also Wodehouse's 1915 Psmith, Journalist.

later edit: Anthony Brode's To Bed On Thursday for anyone likewise interested.
Tags: 1930-1939, uk: history (misc), ~journalism

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