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Need information about the school system in Florida.

Okay, first of all, what classes would a high school junior be taking? I've looked at the official site for the school district of the character, as well as every Wikipedia entry remotely related to the school district (Hillsborough County; the story is set in Tampa)- and I've tried Google, though I wasn't sure what search terms to use- and I can't find anything about the classes that are required for credit. The story takes place in fall of 2013, so it's fairly recent. My main character is sixteen years old, not in any special ed or advanced placement classes, in public school, and would probably be taking some art electives, if available, as she is very interested in art. Her best friend is in almost all of her classes, except for the art classes, and he would probably be taking some sort of technology-related elective.
Secondly, would she be able to eat lunch at the football field, or would she be required to stay in the cafeteria? Or does this vary from school to school? I've kind of planned on her eating at the football field routinely because she doesn't like the noise and crowd of the cafeteria, but I don't know whether there are rules against that, as I am not from anywhere near Florida.
Third, are there laws in place that prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation? The character's younger (5th grade) brother is gay, and his teacher gives him detention for talking about a boy he has a crush on, and I want to know whether she could get in legal trouble for this.
Thank you in advance.
Tags: usa: education: high school, usa: florida

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