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[ANON POST] USSR Military Women's Hair/Makeup (1940s)

Hello all,

For context if you need any, I am Russian, but don't have a history degree. :)

So let's say you have a character who needs to impersonate a USSR military service woman at a formal event, circa the WWII era. Our character hails from the 21st century, and she's doing something of a time warp. If the details seem vague (no rank, exact year unknown), indeed, they are - our MC doesn't know many yet.

Onto the query. In order to be as historically accurate as possible, how does our heroine arrange her hair? A plait down the back, curls? Does she wear lipstick, and if so, do I assume dark red? She is going to a shindig in dress uniform. How likely was an average military woman in the USSR able to have access to lipstick, and to take advantage of that access?

Search terms used on google (and google images), wikimedia: "1940s Russian women," "1940s Russia," "1940s Russian military women," "WWII Russian women fashion," no luck. I also went through the russia: misc and russia: history tags on the community here, fascinating reading, but nothing on this question.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.
Tags: 1940-1949, russia: history, ~hygiene & grooming

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