antrazi (antrazi) wrote in little_details,

Founding a Religion - benefits

Time: 1995 - present
Place: USA

I want my character (SPN Universe) to found a religion. He doesn't plan to make money of this and the tax exemptions are just a nice bonus. He also doesn't try to get others to believe in his religion but would have others joining, he (and the other members) would use it as an excuse to get away with some very odd things that are frowned-on or downright illegal outside of religion.

My question is, what other benefits other than taxes do churches have. Like, would it make it harder for police to prosecute or investigate him, or just to get on the church land? Anything that can useful concerning the law enforcement side of things for this as well.

I tried googling the issue but was left mostly with either people going on about their own religion, a how-to (create your god, pick a symbol...) or entries concerning the game Civilization, looked through the religion tags here and went through, which only confused me more.

Thank you
Tags: 1990-1999, 2000-2009, usa (misc), usa: south dakota, ~law (misc), ~religion & mythology (misc)

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