debirlfan (debirlfan) wrote in little_details,

Need translation from English to (Mexican) Spanish

I tried several of the on-line translators, but each came up with a different translation, and when I tried translating back to English, none came up with what I'd started with.

I'm not sure if time/location/situation are relevent, but this is set in South Texas in the mid 1980's.  Drug lord is talking to his bodyguard/second in command, and is referring to some of his lower ranked henchmen having drugged (by injection) the hero with something to knock him out.  The lines I need translated are:

Drug lord "How much did they give him?"

Bodyguard "What does it matter?"

Drug lord "I intend to find out what he knows."

Thank you in advance!
Tags: mexico (misc), ~languages: spanish

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