formerly rainne83 (lotus0kid) wrote in little_details,
formerly rainne83

Life with a beard

Hello! I have a main character who is not going to shave for a full year. He's a white man in his forties, living in a medieval setting, previously suffering from malnutrition but with regular access to food and water for this year, a bit scruffy but not bearded at the start. I've done some Google searches ("what is it like having a beard," "growing a beard," "how fast do beards grow") and got some good info (when it starts/stops itching, when waves/curls appear, potential effects of genetics on hair-growth), but I'd really like to collect some more personal details about what it's like to have a full beard. So, any bearded individuals out there, preferably those sporting something on the heavy side, what's it like having that thing hanging off your face all the time? My character will be outdoors often as well, so any accounts involving weather/seasons' effects on your beard would be great.

ETA: Thanks for all your responses, folks! I'll definitely keep in mind the mustache hair stuff, that hadn't occurred to me as a thing that would be an annoyance.
Tags: ~hygiene & grooming

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