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Life of a hospital pharmacist in the UK

(story is set in the 1980s in the UK, but information about current-day UK practice would also be welcome).

I've read various articles for people thinking of becoming hospital pharmacists, and interviews with people who are one. I still have a couple of points I'd like to clear up, particularly because a lot of the stuff I read is from the US and I'm not sure if it applies to the UK.

Here's what I've figured out (of course I'd like to know if it's correct) and what I'm still not sure about:

  • Hospital pharmacy is open during the day (also at the weekend) and doctors and nurses come to get prescriptions filled, ask advice from the pharmacists, etc.

  • Some nights, a pharmacist may be "on call", i.e. at home, but near the phone in case the hospital calls. In that case, would they just be giving advice over the phone (e.g. about dosages) or would they actually have to go into the hospital to dispense medicine?

  • Is the hospital pharmacy also open during the night? Maybe this depends on the size of the hospital? If the pharmacy is open during the night, why are there also "on call" pharmacists? Maybe senior pharmacists advising the more junior one who's on duty in the hospital?

    • What I'm hoping is that my character can sometimes work during the day, sometimes be on call at home, and maybe sometime have to work nights as well. Does that sound plausible?
Tags: 1980-1989, uk: health care and hospitals

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