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Hearing loss and musicians

I have a character who is the co-frontman of a rock band and also plays guitar. As a child, he was very gifted musically and could play at least 3 different musical instruments by the age of 7. When he was 9 yrs old, he had an accident involving explosives and it severely damaged his hearing. In one ear, he can't hear sounds above a certain frequency, and in the other, he has 30% hearing loss. So, first of all, is that type of hearing damage plauisble? I googled and googled for information on traumatic hearing loss and I think that type of damage is accurate for hearing loss due to trauma, but I want to be certain. If it's not accurate, I can change it. And, my most pressing question, would it be plausible for someone with that kind of hearing loss to still be able to play guitar and sing in a rock band? Also, musicians wear in-ear monitors during the show, so if my character is hearing impaired, how would that work? I know someone who is the stage manager and monitor guy for a band, but they're on tour right now, so I can't ask him :P (I'm not sure if he'd know the answer anyway.)

Thanks in advance!
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