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How soon can one eat after being stabbed in the stomach?

So I've just gone back over all the Stab Wound posts in the comm, stopping to read all the ones about stab wounds to the abdominal area. It all definitely sounds horrifying to be stabbed in that area. However, I can't seem to find out much about being stabbed specifically in the stomach rather than lower down, except for one comment on one post mentioning that the stomach wouldn't be as serious as wounds made a little lower, where they could stab all kinds of intestines and bowels and livers and spleens, etc. etc.

So specifically, what about the stomach? What would be the dangers of a stab wound to the stomach, how long would recovery time be, and when could the person start eating again? I assume they'd have to be on IVs for a while.

This would be present-day England. The victim is an otherwise healthy young male, somewhere in his late twenties or early thirties. And I would never choose to have him injured there of my own free will; he isn't my character and he was stabbed there canonically, so I have no choice but to follow canon. ;)

Terms searched: many, many various versions of "recovery time for stomach wounds", "when can I eat after a stomach injury". Nothing helped. The posts here were the most useful information I found, but still not quite what I was going for.
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