sweetsnsins (sweetsnsins) wrote in little_details,

The 1940s & Lesbians

So my story is set in 1940s New York and I'm trying to find out some things about what being a gay girl was like at that time period. A lot of resources focus on mainly gay men and dont give way to information about the lives of gay women. I've checked articles like the Gay Metropolis but I still have some questions:

1. What were the primarily gay sections of the city and were there any where gay women were prominent?
2. At this point, was is acceptable for women to wear pants or was it still odd? (my character is sort of a tom-boy)
3. Any slang words for a lesbian/bisexual other than queer or dike?

Tags: 1940-1949, usa: new york: new york city, ~clothing, ~homosexuality: history
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