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Literally capturing ghosts on film - urban legend or fictional?

I first noticed this idea of using a camera to kill/hurt/capture a ghost in the Japanese video game Fatal Frame. (By taking their picture.) Then it came up again in the Indonesian game DreadOut. This got me wondering if there is real folklore or urban legends in Asia about being able to capture/hurt ghosts by taking their picture, or if it's fictional and one game copied another. After my search, I'm leaning toward it being fictional, but as I've found out from other questions I've asked here, this comm is a great resource for info I was unable to find myself. I suppose the idea could be inspired by the folklore of "stealing someone's soul" by taking their picture, but that's not entirely the same idea. Got any info for me?

Searches: "asia urban legend ghost capture camera" and other combinations of the same basic phrase (including changing "Asia" to "Japan")
Tags: asia (misc), japan: folklore, ~folklore (misc), ~photography, ~video games
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