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radical lesbian feminism in western MA or the wider US

Setting: bizarro-lit, so some liberties are taken with reality, but for the purpose of this discussion modern-day US

The parents of one of my main characters are a trans-exclusionary radical feminist couple, to spell out the 'TERF' acronym. (The main character in question, of course, is FTM.) The kind of people who think Aileen Wuornos did good and all PIV sex is rape, who read Dirt religiously and say that letting children transition is an attempt by the patriarchy to wipe out future gay men and lesbians. They've thought this for decades and have an echo chamber/circlejerk/peer group that all believe the same.

The only place in the US I really know to have a high number of lesbians and lesbian culture is western Massachusetts with a focus on Northampton, but the problem is that the culture in Northampton I know of is on the exact opposite end of the spectrum of lesbians-who-don't-quite-get-trans-people, the 'wear a button with your preferred pronouns' kind more than the 'womyn born womyn' kind, and that's a lot more trans-friendly than TERFs would appreciate. However, that doesn't necessarily mean people like that don't exist there.

Is there anywhere in western MA, including Northampton itself, that would have a number of radical feminists/lesbian separatists? If not, where should I be looking? 
Tags: usa: massachusetts, ~homosexuality (misc), ~transgender

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