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Life as an illigitimate child in 1930's iceland?

Hi Little-detailers! I need your help!  I can find plenty of information about modern iceland and ancient iceland, but recent history is elluding me.

The situation:
My character was born in 1925 in  a small Icelandic village. He is the son of a mortal woman and the god Heimdall (although no one knows who his father actually is).  He and his mother move to the US when he's about 17.

The questions:
1. What were cultural attitudes toward illigitimate children/unwed mothers at the time? I can't figure out what type of family support they'd get, if they'd be ostracised or not, if he'd be elligible to inherit family property, etc.  Also if it's reasonable for his mother to have married someone after he was born, or if having a child would make a woman unmarrigiable.

2. What were living conditions like for rural icelanders in the 1930's? I've been assuming no electricity or running water, but what about things like roads, food security, and schools?

I would also love reccommendations for book or web resources related to the topic.  Thanks!

Search terms:
iceland/icelandic/icelander, living conditions, history, 1930, school, illigitimate children, culture, marriage
Tags: 1930-1939, iceland: history, ~childrearing, ~inheritance, ~marriage

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