Skella (skellagirl) wrote in little_details,

Earth-like planet with rings: what would life be like?

Searched: "If earth had rings", and simple variations of that

Setting: An earth-like planet, a slightly modernized 1880s-1900s (Haven't narrowed it down any further yet). It's a steampunk universe, so generally lifelike physics and such, with the necessary divergences to make a steampunk universe work. :)

Question: I'm in some early stages of world-building for a prospective webcomic I'd like to do, and I was thinking it'd be really cool to set it on a planet with rings. But when it comes to science and physics and... space stuff... I'm pretty ignorant about what rings would actually affect on our planet.

Most everything I get when I search is what the world would LOOK like if we had rings around Earth, but not how those rings would actually affect our planet.

A good article I got was this, but I'm wondering if there's anywhere I can get even more in-depth? According to the article, it sounds like an Earth-like planet with rings might just mean extinction, basically, or a really... not-fun quality of life (Which is honestly alright, it's a semi-dystopic world, haha). So I'm just wondering if there's somewhere I can get some really in-depth information on how rings would affect Earth.

Tags: ~climate/weather, ~science: astronomy, ~science: physics, ~worldbuilding
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