haradwen (haradwen) wrote in little_details,

Stars visible on the first morning of the Battle of the Somme

What stars would have been visible on the eastern horizon from the Allied lines just before dawn on 1 July 1916? (Once you got above the ground mist.) I think it's Taurus and its neighbours. The proofreader has queried this.

Stellarium is giving me problems - it's telling me sunrise occurred at 1300 hours, and will not be convinced otherwise. David Levy's Starwatching has charts for all sorts of latitudes and times but apparently doesn't think people look at the stars any later than midnight or any earlier than 9 pm (though the charts also seem to indicate Taurus.) I don't have a Northern skies planisphere which would solve the problem immediately.

Can anyone help?
Tags: 1910-1919, france: history, ~science: astronomy, ~world war i

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