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setting a kite in the air on fire

The setting for the story is mid-1700s, Prussia.

This is for a fanfic, and the story idea is based on a throw-away line by one of the main characters about wanting to “fly a kite” and “watch it burn up in the air.”

My question is basically: how would this (setting a kite in the air on fire) be accomplished? I was pretty awful at physics back in school so I’m really not sure how this could work or even if it could. Initially, I thought of maybe somehow making one of the lines into something like a fuse, but again no idea how this would work or even if it can. I’m also aware that if you let go of the lines on a kite it will pretty quickly come to ground. Also, can a kite stay in the air while it’s burning? And if so, for how long, approximately?

Googling hasn’t really helped. I tried various combinations of words/phrases like “kite burning up”, “flying kite on fire”, “burn kite in the air” etc. The closest I’ve gotten to anything coherent was info on the Cincinnati Fire Kite (the one where you set it on fire on the ground and then it takes off on its own) which isn’t really what I’m looking for. I’m more interested in trying to find a way to get the kite flying first and then set it on fire. 

Tags: 1730-1739, ~fires
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