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Where/how Victorian-era philanderers would meet their mistresses

Hello everyone!

I have just discovered this wonderful site and am delighted to say the least.

I am in the process of writing a screenplay for a short film I hope to make in the coming months. A fair portion of the story is set in a small village during the Victorian-era, revolving around a philandering bachelor. Coming from a wealthy family background, he is care-free and lives a comfortable life. His eventual downfall occurs after he murders a woman who comes to him and tells him she is pregnant with his child.

The problem I am currently having is writing scenes where philandering bachelors might conceivably meet women. Alongside this, creating a feasible scenario in which the rake would see murdering his eventual victim as the only option available to him is tricky. I have considered the option of the rake impregnating his house maid (however this is mostly due to budgetary constraints of film-making; I would like to keep the amount of locations to a minimum - having his maid become the victim would make the story much more practical to film. This is also the reason for having the film set in a village instead of city). The problem with this scenario however, is the notion that a sexually desirable house maid in a bachelors household would be entirely inappropriate for both employer and employee, given the era that the story is set in.

My knowledge of the Victorian Era is limited to say the least, I have done some googling on Victorian era house-maids and came across a post here that explains the type of house-servants a wealthy bachelor might have had ( yet my story is lost without this element! In order to create a realistic scenario it seems I have to change the female character slightly, who could the rake impregnate in place of the maid?

Finding interesting settings where philanderers might meet promiscuous women has also proven tricky, I googled "gentlemen meeting women victorian era" and came across this article on the topic of relationships during the Victorian Era ( "Women were not allowed to be alone with a man until they were engaged". I cannot seem to find any material illustrating the raunchier side of the 'philandering gentlemen' Victorian Era.

I would greatly appreciate some information about the kind of environment in which a womaniser might search for women to meet essentially.
Many elements of the story are flexible, my chief concern is creating a believable visual story in which a philandering bachelor murders one of his (seemingly) many paramours.

Many thanks!
Tags: 1890-1899, ~servants/slaves, ~sex, ~victorian era
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