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Adopted birth certificate, Illinois, early 1990s

I'm working on a novel in which the main character, who was born in the early 1990s and adopted (both of these things in Illinois), has a copy of her birth certificate (she's getting married in Scotland and needs to provide this). I'd like to know what the adoptive birth certificate looks like - I know from my research that there's a difference between this and the original birth certificate, but what, specifically? Or when someone says "adopted birth certificate" do they mean a "certificate of adoption" such as this one?*docstoccdn*com%7Cthumb%7Corig%7C10517993*png/

Because the rules for Scotland clearly require "Your genuine birth certificate. An unauthorised photocopy is not acceptable. If you are unable to produce your birth certificate, state the reason." So I suppose she could explain that if necessary.

For instance, this page discusses opening the state records:

And a guy in the comments says: "My adopted birth certificate actually says nothing much, just my adoptive parents names, my birthday and the name they gave me. It looks like a cheesy subsititute."

So I'm confused and would be extremely grateful to anyone who can explain!

I've done various Google searches/image searches on adoption/birth certificate/Illinois. The first hit was a Christian couple who posted a complete scan of one of their birth certificates because it arrived quickly. Within a few images, we got Obama's. It went downhill from there.

Thanks very much to anyone who can help!
Tags: 1990-1999, uk: scotland (misc), usa: illinois, ~adoption
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