Atlas of Clouds (franztastisch) wrote in little_details,
Atlas of Clouds

Holidaying as an orphan in the US

Setting: 90s/2000s Iowa

Someone in an orphanage, would they be allowed to go on holiday with a friend and their family? Either in the US or abroad? Or even just out of state? I basically just need something along the lines of a yes/no answer, because I want to know if it's possble for my charcter to already have a passport (something I'm fairly sure is a "no") but also if he could have been to places outside of Iowa, like Florida and California, and if the orphanage would let him go.

Putting "orphan" and "holiday" together in a Google search isn't useful in the slightest. Also searched variations on "holidaying while in state carein the US/Iowa" which mostly brings up stuff about European healthcare, for some reason, or US passport and visa requirements.

ETA: redid my searches with "vacation" at the suggestion of hexeengel, because (duh!) that's what's used in the US over "holiday", but got roughly the same thing - a lot about volunteering abroad in orphanages. And something about the Kardashians... 
Tags: 1990-1999, 2000-2009, usa: iowa, ~custody & social services

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