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[ANON POST] Israeli Citizenship for an Adopted Teenager; Dual Citizenship for Adoptees (1980s)

Setting: Poland/Israel, 1980s

I have a teenage character who was born and raised in Poland, and is a Polish citizen. When he's fifteen, his parents are killed in a car crash. As he has no living relatives in Poland, he is temporarily placed in Polish foster care, but authorities soon discover that he has one living family member--an uncle living in Israel. The uncle wants to adopt him. Both my main character and his uncle are Jewish. My questions are:

-Since MC is a minor, would he immediately gain Israeli citizenship upon moving to Israel/being adopted by an Israeli adult? I know that adults can, under the Law of Return, move to Israel and live there permanently as non-citizens, but would it be different for a minor?

-If he's not automatically a citizen--as a minor, *can* he make the decision not to become one, or would that be his uncle's responsibility? He's already old enough to have his own political opinions, and probably wouldn't want to serve in the military.

-Since both Poland and Israel allow for dual citizenships, my understanding was that he would retain his Polish citizenship upon being adopted, but is that not the case?

Search terms I've tried:
"living in Israel as a non-citizen/foreign citizen" (turned up plenty for adults and intact families, but nothing on adoptees)
"international adoption israel" (resources for American parents adopting from Israel)
"international adoption israeli parents"
"child naturalization israel"
"minor immigrant to israel unaccompanied"
"adoption by relative international israel"
"dual citizenship adoptees Poland"
"Law of Return unaccompanied minor"
Tags: 1980-1989, israel (misc), poland (misc), ~adoption, ~immigration

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