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Sina'i Enantia

Fencing calluses?

Hi all!

I have an experienced fencer (she's in her early twenties, and has been fencing since she was about thirteen - or maybe earlier), and I just realized she has no calluses or other permanent markings from her fencing (she's probably had several bruises or injuries over the years, but she doesn't get injured very often anymore). Basically, I just had a soldier remark on how smooth her hands are (he thinks she's a boy who just joined the army).

Should she have calluses on her hands (or feet) from fencing, using fencing equipment, etc.? This is set in an alternate fantasy world and the technology level is about that of late 19th century America. Also, her family is rich enough that she has custom equipment, so things fitting properly shouldn't be as much of an issue for her. She typically uses a rapier-style foil

I studied fencing at a community college for about a year during grad school, but I don't think I have near enough experience to be able to answer this for myself. I also googled "fencing calluses" and fencing calluses on hands" and "what kinds of calluses do fencers get?" So far, what I found was mainly for the feet, and dealt with people needing shoes with more support and a couple of things about getting used to the grip on a new sword. For the most part, I don't think these should be problems this character would have, but I could be wrong about that.

Thanks in advance for any help!
Tags: ~sports (misc), ~weapons: swords

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