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[ANON POST] Injury Through Bulletproof Vest Questions

Setting: Dystopian Sci-Fi City (2600s Earth)

Research done so far: "How many bullets can a bulletproof vest take", "First aid for internal bleeding", "Bullet injury first aid", and other terms along these lines. I've also read through some of the posts here regarding bullet injuries, but I haven't found much about what actually happens if a vest gets too damaged.

In my scene, two of my main characters, I'll call them Jack and Jill, meet in the middle of a war. Jack is a soldier that fights for "the good guys", and Jill is a student that just happened to be there when the fighting started (the scene takes place at a University that got attacked by "the bad guys").

What happens is that Jack finds Jill and tries to take her to safety. The problem is that, while doing so, Jack gets a whole round of rifle bullets shot into his back trying to keep Jill unharmed. What I'd like to happen is that Jack's bulletproof vest gets busted (They do have a limit, don't they?) and, in the end, gets incapacitated.

Jill, being thankful for his sacrifice, tries takes him far enough for them to be safe while she gives a phonecall and her father, who is a medic, comes to pick them up. She does so by stealing a motorcycle from a nearby parking lot.

My main concerns are:

Is Jill worsening Jack's condition by making him ride a motorcycle? He will sit behind Jill and the ride won't last more than 10 minutes and there won't be bumps, but she will go at full speed.
What first-aid can/should Jill give Jack after they reach a safe place?
What medical problems is Jack expected to have? His spine will have some sort of extra armor under his vest and clothing and over it he has a gadget (like a small backpack which also only covers the spine) that will take some of the bullets so I'm guessing it shouldn't get damaged.
How much time can Jack stay like this without getting medical attention before things get really bad? From the moment he's injured, let's say it takes Jill 10 minutes to wire the bike and help Jack get on, then 10 minutes the trip, then the time it takes her dad to get to them, which I haven't decided on yet.

Thank you in advance. I appreciate any info I'll get.
Tags: ~medicine: injuries: gunshot wounds

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