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Post-Armageddon Society reaction to Physical Augmentation

Type - webcomic/graphic novel
My project's a Post apocalypse-fantasy set in early 22'd century New Mexico mostly around the Carlsbad area, approximately 20 years after Nuclear Armageddon. Specifically focused individuals that work in the wasteland, in order to help society rebuild, such as Armed Forces, Salvage Crews, Scouts/Prospectors, and Hunters/Poachers, that have undergone physical reconstruction to do their job better.

In this case individuals have been altered using animal genetics to be more survivable against the environment of the Chihuahuan Desert, chain-gangs, bio-weapons, and fantastic creatures found in the wasteland. Changes include enlarged animal-like ears to improve hearing, tail and fur-coat to help heat management or balance, tapeta lucida and slit pupils to accommodate enhance night vision, enhanced olfactory and tactile senses, skeletal reconstruction and addition of fangs, claws, and animal like jaw structures to add to combat utilities, and modifications to neurological and muscular systems to improve response time and physical strength. The term chimera is used for them and they have only recently begun appearing.

What became of Carlsbad has approximately 13,000 residents with around 10,000 civilians trying to lead ordinary lives, farming, re-building, and providing infrastructure for a new civilization. Around 3000 drew their career outside the city, securing it's borders, hauling in un-producible supplies, or searching for other signs of civilization, more than 1000 of the these individuals have become chimeras. They have limited interaction with the public so to speak, and range from looking perfectly human to being almost mistakable for another species.

The questions I'm trying to find answers for

-How would this practice affect the politics of a developing civilization? What ways would leaders respond to their military, police, and salvage crews enlisting chimeras.

-How would the existence of chimeras affect the mindsets individuals who don't interact with them? How would normal people react to learning that the people fighting to allow them relatively normal lives aren't fully human.

-How would the public begin to view chimeras when interaction is limited? Would major stigmas develop, how would fanatic groups respond.

-What effect would allowing people to undergo this change have on the general ethics/morals of a society? Would a civilization allow

My searches thus far have included Google scholar- Ethics of Genetic Engineering, Social consequences of physical Augmentation, and genetic enhancement social concerns. I've also been searching through my school's online library using keywords of ethics, genetic engineering, morality, social concerns, and sociology. Most results I've pulled have covered the topics in broad strokes and lack any real details on how this might influence a civilization or people who are uninvolved.
Tags: ~body modification (misc), ~human culture (misc), ~psychology & psychiatry (misc), ~worldbuilding

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