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questions about opera

I'm not entirely certain how to Google this, but I'll list what I've done after the question:

I'm in need of a section of an opera for a group of people to perform. The short version is that my group of people (who do not make up a full operatic chorus; there are nine of them) will be performing a section, or multiple short sections, of an opera to impress a different group of people. All vocal ranges are covered by my people, as a note.

Ideally the opera they will be performing will have thematic content of battles, or war, or glorious deaths, or all of the above. I would like something that's not too easy (not that any opera is exactly easy) to perform either; something on the difficult side would be fine for my singers.

I don't need scenery or an orchestra or a theater; I just need to know what music I'm looking for.

The story is set a few centuries in the future, so if need be I can handwave it and invent something, but I was hoping for a smidge of historical accuracy in being able to use an existing score.

Already googled: "battle opera" (avoid that one; it just gives me a million links about Kathleen Battle); "battle songs opera" "war scenes opera", similar terms. The problem I'm running into is that I keep getting results for music used in these types of scenes in movies and such but that's not what I'm actually looking for. So suggestions on better Google-fu would also be appreciated!
Tags: ~music, ~theater

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