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weapon & gore bits

Hi there!

I'm so glad I found this community on a friend's LJ info. I hope you can help me out with my questions. ^^
I'm currently writing a fanfiction based on a canon scene.

1. How much ammunition does an Ingram M10 submachine gun have. I tried to find a website providing infomation on weapons both in my native language and in English. I was not very lucky, so to speak. I only found a Russian site and that I can't even read...
I also need to know about the shooting range and what else there is to consider when firing such a gun repeatedly, such as repercussions, misifiring etc.

2. Character #2 has been hit by a grazing shot and his innards are practically popping out. He fixed them with duct tape, yeah I know that sounds impossible but the situation he's in ... I blame it on adrenaline and such. My question:
What does the pain feel like? I've read it would be somewhat dull and less painful as you'd expect it to be.
I expect the character to die pretty soon as he's been shot several times after the first grazing shot. I just need to know the exact time. He's a healthy and sporty guy, very lively and strong. Let's say his guts are injured, he'd die of blood poisoning, wouldn't he? How long would it take him to die considering he's been shot numerous times but no vitally important parts have been injured?

Thank you in advance. :)
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