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Treatment/outcome for severe burns on an arctic voyage

Hello helpful ones!  I need some assistance in figuring out the most realistic scenario and side for a scene in my comic, and my google skills have failed me.  I need some information about what will happen when my character gets some really nasty burns and then sails on the arctic sea.

The character in question is about 17, very athletic, and extremely physically resilient.  No superhuman powers - he's just an unusually healthy person.  There's magic available to heal him perfectly and without side effects, but the nearest mages are two weeks away by boat.

The character is fighting a giant demon with firey blood, kind of like napalm but less sticky.  He stabs it from underneath and the blood spills over him, causing the injuries.  Because of the position he's in when this happens I'm thinking he'll be burned quite badly on the hands, feet, shoulders, back, and front of the thighs (places where the blood pooled most) with less severe damage to the top of his head, his arms, and his chest.  He manages to get back to the boat with the rest of the party before collapsing.

Question one:
Before being burned he's wearing several layers of thick fur over every part of his body.  The innermost shirt layer is made of a magical, indestructable pelts.  His pants are non-magical fur.  Will regular furs get stuck to his skin as they burn?  I know leather doesn't really burn easily, but it will definitely have holes charred through.  Also, what type of difference will there be in burns from direct scalding vs indirect heat (armored torso vs unarmored legs)?

Question two:
The team he's with has someone who knows how to treat burns, but their only medical supplies are herbal remedies for pain and fever.  What will first aid treatment look like in this scenario?  They are on a snowy island in the arctic ocean.  My sources said don't put ice on a burn but do put cool water on it.  Would putting freezing cold seawater on be helpful or harmful?

Last question:
My vague plan here was 2nd degree burns over about half his skin.  He needs to be alive for two weeks, at which point magical help arrives.  Is this plausable?  If so, what kind of shape would he be in at the end of those two weeks?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Search terms: burn treatment, second-degree burns prognosis, causes, ice water, sea water, side effects, complications, pain management, history, improvised bandage materials, burning leather, fur.  In various combinations.
Tags: ~medicine: burns & smoke inhalation, ~wilderness survival

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