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police officer divisions and collar identification in 1870's London

Allright I have Googled my brains out for the answer to this and no luck. I've combed through about every website on the metropolitan police and the city of London police and came up with nothing

I know that around the 1870s the police of London had divisions the only one I'm recalling at the moment was H division which was centered in whitechapel. my questions.

1. Which division would a London officer with a German background have been most likely to serve in? In terms of areas of London with a high concentration of German immigrants and German speaking individuals.

2. I know that officers had their numbers and the letter of their division on their collars and this has been the most frustrating answer to hunt down, what in the sam hill did officers of the city of London have on their collars? I am not sure if they had their own letter for their division or if it was something like CLP or LP followed by their badge number or what

please help this is driving me crazy

Tags: 1870-1879, uk: government: law enforcement, uk: history: victorian era, uk: london

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