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Education in the UK

Hello! So I've got a very specific question and I couldn't find a satisfying answer.

I search about English school system using google. I search using the words UK academic system, Comparison with the French system, applying to Uni. I looked both english and french websites.

From those infos, I understand how applying to Uni work but in my story, my character pass her A-levels, but doesn't apply for Uni for many reasons. During the following year, she got a kidney disease, stay at home for few months, and only after that, she's considering going to uni.

So I was wondering, does she have to pass the A-levels again? If she has to pass them again, does she have to be enrolled in a school, or can she do that at a "free-candidate"? (not sure it's the word). Also, I haven't decide yet what grades she got, and if she suceed the first time or not.

Not sure if it's relevant or not, but I choose the Uni of Sheffield for her, and she is supposed to study journalism. I gathered English would be one of her A-level subject, but what would be best for the other subjects? If you actually study journalism, I would also be glad to hear some feedback from your class, how it went, what kind of test you had...

And also, I found different websites, some saying there were only 3 subjects to choose, other than it was 4, even 5? Which one is it?

A different question, this time related to a different character of the same story : while he was at uni in the 90', he had some personal issues. I assumed it was possible, but I would like to be sure before I put something awfully wrong in my story : Admitting he dropped Uni in his second year (he studied law), could he go back and start over his second year the next year? I assumed that if you failed to pass a year, you can and have to do it again?

Using google I also searched for Uni fees, and again, I just want to be sure : do you have to pay Uni fees or not? From what I gathered, you have to pay a certain amount a year, but you only pay once you're done studying, and if you earn a certain amount of money every year. Is it for everyone and every course or not?

And finally (gosh that's a lot) one of my characters is running a small advertising company, mostly for locals ads, what kind of course would he had to follow? Something marketing related I assume but I checked the Sheffield uni website and I couldn't find something satisfying, so if you have suggestion, I would be glad to hear them!

Thanks for your answers and for your time, I hope I was clear in all my questions.
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