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Sugar in human body

This probably goes waaaay into the territory of "stupid question", but in a bit of dialogue I'm writing, an extremely pedantic character needs to make mention of how much sugar is in the (average) human body, preferably in terms of grams (or milligrams or whatever) per kilogram of body mass.

I've tried googling various things like "amount of sugar in human body", "composition of human body", etc, but can only find 1) information about blood sugar levels, 2) articles telling me not to eat sugar and 3) the percentages of the human body composed of different elements, which doesn't help me because sugar isn't elemental.

From the blood sugar results, I have found the useful information that the normal (healthy) mean blood sugar level is 100 mg/dL; a quick google search tells me that a 70 kg person has about 5.5 L (55 dL) of blood. This suggests a total of 5500 mg of sugar in the blood, or 78.57 mg of blood sugar / kg of body mass.

So what I need to know (I'm sure I'm displaying my ignorance of anatomy/biology here), are there other, non-blood, tissues in the human body which contain measurable levels of sugar that might increase this ratio? (For the sake of simplicity, let's ignore any sugar in bodily waste and/or undigested food.)
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