Glen Forbes (doveriandragoon) wrote in little_details,
Glen Forbes

Who am I, again?

Put quite simply, I need information on amnesia. I have practically built a story around one man's search for who he is, and have come to realize that I know very little about the affliction. For instance:
1.) What possible causes and cures are there? Are there any at all? Some mental disorders simply... are.
2.) How do those with amnesia usually deal with it?
3.) What do they still remember?
4.) Does an amnesiac's body (and perhaps some part of their mind) really still remember how to do things that they no longer even remember enjoying? For instance, could an archer afflicted with a loss of memory suddenly discover that he knows how to shoot a bow?
5.) How long does amnesia usually last, and what memories resurface first... if at all?

I'd hate to write around certain events just to find they're only plausible in soap operas, fanfics, and movies on Lifetime. ;)
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