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British Army rules and regs

Setting: Present day (2010-2012), Afghanistan and Britain

My questions involve the British army only - I've managed to find stuff on the US armed forces but I'm unsure if the rules/ customs are the same or not.

1) What exactly are the British army's rules on having sex with someone in your unit? Basically I have two corporals who are in the same unit and I need to know how secret they need to keep it - for example, if their commanding officer knows about it, will he have to punish them in some way? And if he does, what would the punishment be exactly?

2) Also, what are the rules on drinking alcohol while on deployment? Can they drink while on base? Or only when they're on R&R? And what would the punishment be if they were found to be drinking/ drunk?

3) What exactly are the British customs for a military funeral of someone who was killed in action? Do they have flowers on the casket? Or do they have a flag? Or both?
Also, what kind of presence does the army have at a funeral? Any other info/ anecdotes would also be useful - I'm having trouble researching this as I don't know what to search for.

Search terms used: combinations of "British army" + "rules" or "regulations" + "drinking" or "relationships" or "sex" or "funerals". The difficulty is trying to find info that's not about the US army and also that's not news reports or articles.

Tags: uk: military (misc), ~military (misc)

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