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[ANON POST] Sword Wound to the Side

My story takes place in a medieval fantasy country. The main character is wounded in his right side with a sword during a one on one fight with the bad guy. Neither of them is wearing armor. The MC is 19 and well fit, though at this point he is weary from various exertions in the past few days.

The MC has a shield and sword, the BG has a spear and sword. MC is warding off BG’s spear and stabbing him with his sword while BG stabs/cuts at MC with his sword. MC needs to remain conscious for several minutes…long enough to ward off a last effort throw of the spear and chase/stagger after another character (though he doesn’t get him). Then MC blacks out. He has friends in the area and receives treatment within minutes of falling unconscious.

I’ve googled ‘sword wounds to the side’, ‘stab wounds to the side’ and ‘recovery time for stab wounds’ and read several articles like The Dubious Quick Kill, A Summary of How People Die (and don’t die) in Sword Fights, and chapter 4 of The Sword (Wounds and Effects of Swords) but can’t find the specific details I need about times. I want MC to be able to travel within a few days and be on his feet and able to fight again within a week or two. There is magical water that could help speed up the process of healing but I am wondering what a realist healing time would be and what type of wound would meet these requirements (blacking out after a few minutes but not too serious). I don’t know if a stab or slice would be better.

Oh, and the BG’s sword isn’t a huge thick blade but it isn’t a thin rapier either. The exact width is flexible.
Tags: ~medicine: historical, ~medicine: injuries: stab wounds, ~middle ages

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