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Top 500 Israeli last names (Jewish and Arab), 2013

The following table has the top 500 last names in Israel in 2013, sorted by prevalence. The list includes both Jewish and Arab last names. Data is from the Populace Census Office.

The table is in Hebrew, but I will be transcribing the names and possibly adding some annotation (Ashkenazi/Mizrachi/Arab). Note that multiple transliterations are possible for some of those names.

This table may also be helpful to persons looking for last names for non-Ashkenazi Jewish characters; about half of Israel's Jewish population is non-Ashkenazi and we have almost every possible diaspora here, so there should be some nice variance. (As a matter of fact, most of the prevalent Jewish last names on this list are non-Ashkenazi.)

(Note to the mod: I'm wary of tagging this post with "Hebrew" as the vast majority of those names are not Hebrew in origin. It would also be inappropriate to tag for Judaism as a religion, since here it's an ethnicity.)
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