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Diminutive/affectionate form for the name Anatole?

Hi everyone!

I'm looking for a dimunitive/affectionate form for the name Anatole which would be used in a French or French-speaking family (or by a French/French-speaking lover and/or close friend). If different diminutives exist and they have different conotations (like one is something that could be used by friends but another is too "fluffly" and would most likely only be used by a parent) please let me know that sort of information too.

I've tried to google this, but all I'm getting is other versions of the name (like alternate spellings, eg: Anatol, or from other languages, eg; Anatoliy, which is the Russian version of this name). But I'm interested specifically in a diminutive/affectionate form.

(Also, I don't know if this matters, but the time period the story is set in is early 1800s. It seems to me that there isn't a lot of difference between how diminutives function now versus how they functioned then, just language convention wise, but I'm not sure? I know with a few Russian names there are minor differences (eg: for the name Dmitri, the diminutive Mitya was most common at that time, whereas now Dima is more common), so I thought I would mention this. If you know of a difference in which diminutives were used then v now, I'd be interested in that information too.)

Thank you!
Tags: 1800s (no decades given), france (misc), ~languages: french, ~names

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