robert_huff (robert_huff) wrote in little_details,

well known sources of biblical exgesis

Setting: real world; current day

Pre-searched: Wikipedia article on "biblical commentary"


My MC, who is culturally Christian but theologically quasi-agnostic, has been beset recently by folks wanting to save their soul starting with a "discussion" of the Bible.

They're planning a counter-offensive starting with "Which version - King James'? Revised Standard? New International? New Jerusalem? Douay? My Latin's not good enough to handle the Vulgate." followed by asking about several fundamental works of exegesis using the names of the authors. (If this were the Quran I might cite ibn Sina, ibn Rushd, and al Ghazzali.)

Unfortunately, my Google-fu today has produced a fair number of reading lists with surprising little overlap. Anyone want to suggest a half-dozen or so candidates?
Tags: ~religion: christianity (misc)

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