mmegaera (mmegaera) wrote in little_details,

shooting a rabid wolf

I'm really not sure how to research this one, so hoping?

Anyway. A man needs to kill a rabid wolf. Story is from man's point of view. He's a cop (his background is being a highway patrolman, but he's, er, not now), but the situation is such that the wolf is not normal (in addition to having rabies) in a supernatural sort of way (not a shifter), so it's basically just frozen in place, although the cop doesn't really realize what's going on.

Anyway, what I need is for the cop to take what he ends up as thinking of as a very lucky shot with what he thinks is an antique gun (a Colt Peacemaker -- it's not antique, though -- he's just not when he thinks he is).

So. Where would he aim to kill? And what else can you think of that's important about this shooting?

Sorry about not explaining the circumstances very well [wry g].
Tags: usa: washington, ~animals (misc), ~weapons: firearms

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