carrieironhorse (carrieironhorse) wrote in little_details,

Can you have a longer day than night all year?

My story is sci-fi set on a fictional colonized planet. Most of the inhabited area of the planet (not a very large area) is a horrendous desert and I want it to have a long day but a short night. (It's inhabited by humans so it needs a reasonably similar gravity and atmosphere to Earth.) The planet, sometime in its history, was hit by a large meteor, big enough to leave a huge crater, and I was hoping that would be a good enough way to get an erratic orbit. Is it possible to have an orbit erratic enough to create a mostly-stable place for people to live, but have an all-year day/night imbalance? I was thinking something with a wobbly near-tidal lock, but to be honest I don't understand my research well enough to extrapolate whethere it would be possible. It plays in to a lot of my cultural-worldbuilding (do your research before you decide these things, people!) so I'd like to keep it if possible.

Research: orbits, tidal locking, axial tilt, "can you have a longer day than night", etc.
Tags: ~science: astronomy, ~worldbuilding

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