private dick extraordinaire (alliterations) wrote in little_details,
private dick extraordinaire

Saluting vs Bowing Precedence

Setting: I'm doing a Royalty AU for a canon that has absolutely zero ties to that kind of thing, so it's probably a medieval-esque fantasyland

What I need to know is this:
Say you are an average knight/soldier and happen to run across a member of the royal family hanging around a military officer of very significantly higher rank than you. This is a situation where, if either of them were alone, you'd bow/salute. But since both of them are there, which do you do first? Or which do you do at all? I should mention that the royal family member in question has not been in the military, in case that changes things.

I've searched things like "bowing vs. saluting" and "when to bow or salute" and "which first, bowing or saluting" but I've only gotten basic etiquette, information only regarding military regulations, and the origins of gestures like these.

It's fine if there's no "right" way, since as mentioned above, it is a kind of fantasyland, so doing what I want isn't out of the question. But I wanted to know if there's an umbrella etiquette for this kind of thing that I could use.
Tags: ~middle ages, ~military (misc), ~nobility (misc)

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