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Personal organisers in 90s UK

Setting: United Kingdom, 1990s, our world or close enough

I need help identifying the kind of personal organisesrs/planners that three very different kind of people would use in the UK in the early/mid 1990s. It's a small but important character detail, and although I currently use a Filofax myself, I'm aware that they had very different class connotations twenty years ago. These characters don't have to use Filofax-brand anything; in fact, part of why I'm asking is because I don't know enough about what was available in the UK at the time.

- Character 1 is super-smart, super-studious, type A on steroids. Colour-coded revision timetables, that sort of thing. Only child of educated parents with white-collar jobs; it can be presumed that they're on the upper end of middle class, and they value education and culture highly. She's also not in the least girly-girl, so nothing pink or even overy frivolous. Did Filofax make anything that would suit her, or should I go with another brand? It doesn't have to be super-cheap; she could have been gifted a nice organiser by her parents.

- Character 2 is in his early 20s, brilliant, a bit of a punk rebel, in a very detail-oriented job, and extremely busy, but nowhere near as type-A as my first character. He needs an organiser, but it should be something that could stand to get beat up; he's got a pretty physical job that can sometimes be dangerous. I really can't see him as the type to go with something as stuffy as a Filofax, but he was raised by a very traditional upper-class grandmother so perhaps. Whatever he does use has to be paper, though, not digital, if digital planners were even a thing in 90s Britain.

- Character 3 comes from old, old money, and with the kind of social clout that anything she does could start a fad. I'm debating whether she'd even buy something off the shelf- even as something as posh as Smythson of Bond Street- or simply have it commissioned from whoever has the Royal Warrant for this sort of thing. Whatever she gets, it needs to be acceptable to the toniest of the ton, so the classier and more expensive, the better.

Bonus points if anyone could recommend a suitable fountain pen for character 3. I'm currently going with a Lamy 2000, but I'm aware that's on the lower end of things, even if it is a beautifully made instrument.


ETA: Electronic isn't a possibility for any of them, it has to be paper. Sorry I didn't make that clear.
Tags: 1990-1999, uk (misc)

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