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Drug/dosage to give someone to render them easier to drown (present day)


  • I've googled [best drugs to give prior to drowning], [best drugs to induce unconsciousness] but it wasn't super-helpful.

  • I've also researched Ketamine, GHB and Diazepam, and that's been more helpful.

  • I also looked through all the ~medicine:drugs posts here.

I have learned that Ketamine & GHB are both odorless & colourless, but I don't know if that's true of Diazepam. I've learnt that all three induce extreme relaxation, but I don't know if that is sufficient. I know that Ketamine is used in veterinary applications, but I don't know how easy it would be for an older (65-70) year old professional to acquire GHB.

Present-day murder mystery. A neighbour of the victim lures her to her death by dosing her with a drug in a drink he gives her, then drowning her.


  • The drug must be comparatively easy to acquire by an older gentleman who has no knowledge of the illicit drug world.

  • The drug must be tasteless enough to be administered in a regular (non-alcoholic) drink without being noticed.

  • The drug must make the victim much more susceptible to drowning (ideally, after the drug has taken effect, the murderer should be able to just push her into the water and she'd be too far gone to save herself).

  • I would love to know an approximate dosage.

  • Does not have to be any of the three drugs I've already looked into... any easy-to-acquire drug that fits the scenario would be great. I guess a muscle relaxant or sleeping drug would be fine too, but I'm finding it really difficult to figure out which ones could be administered without the recipient's knowledge.

Thank you!
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