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Multiple real injuries from a supernatural event

I'm trying to write a story where one character goes through a supernatural experience and ends up with some serious medical issues.  Basically, his entire body is put through the wringer.  I want the character to be physically compromised, even disabled, but have his mental faculties more or less intact.  Here's what I've come up with so far.  I won't go into this much detail in the story, but I want to have a clear picture in my mind.

  • Subdural hematoma from brain swelling/injury, which addressed either with surgery, an induced coma, or both.

  • Pulmonary edema that is a cause of concern for a while but resolves relatively quickly

  • Dilated cardiomyopathy as a result of the pulmonary edema and/or myocarditis

So far, I figure the effects from these (besides increased risk of sudden death) would be:

  • Extreme fatigue, loss of concentration, short-term memory loss, and increased anxiety as a result of the brain injury

  • Risk of edema, embolism, and arrhythmia.  The character would have to wear a life vest to defibrillate his heart, or have an ICD surgically inserted.  Would compression socks be used for edema in the legs in this case?

  • Won't be able to physically exert himself for some time, and then will have to be careful

  • Will need physical and occupational therapy

  • Will have to eliminate sodium, fat and caffeine from his diet

Does all of this make sense? What would tell the police or doctors if you brought someone in like this and they were unaware of the supernatural?  If anyone has any tips or advice about accurately depicting these kinds of injuries and the fallout from them, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks for your time!
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