Rose (rose_the_hat) wrote in little_details,

Physics of Hit By Car

First post here. Little nervous.

Story takes place modern day in an American suburb.

I'm writing a story and the scene I'm working on now, a character is going to be hit--I mean mowed down by a car going 80 MPH (aiming to kill, not stopping on impact). I just want to know the physics of such an accident. Would my character be thrown over the top of the car? Or would my character be pulled under and dragged? The car doing the damage is a late 60's Chevrolet, if that makes a difference.

I'm just looking for answers in plain understandable English, not scientific jargon.

Search terms used: "hit by speeding car" "damage caused by pedestrian hit by car going 80 mph" "pedestrian hit by car physics"

Thank you for any help/insight you can offer.

Tags: ~car accidents, ~science: physics

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