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Native American tribes in Civil War Era Iowa

time/place: 1860's USA.

I'm writing a gaslight fantasy set in the 1880's, and one of my characters was adopted as a toddler/pre-schooler by a Native American tribe during the 1860's; he was primarily raised by the tribe's shaman, who taught him how to use an unusual magical talent. The character is from Iowa in the original fandom, so I thought I should stick to it if possible... but I can't figure out what tribe that would be!

I've googled Native American tribes and Iowa history, and found that a number of tribes were around... but the stuff I've come across seems to all be around the Great Lakes, and I was hoping for something around the Plains area.

Also A) this character is white; if the tribe historically did things like torture captives, that crosses them off the list. B) the Trail of Tears (1830's) hasn't happened, or only on a much smaller scale, due to the Native Americans possessing powerful earth magic; while the tribal lands have shrunken considerably, most of the tribes are still wherever their ancestral lands are. C) I'd really like a tribe that still has at least records of their language available, because I'd like the character to use some phrases (mostly endearments and swear words!) with his magically bonded partner.
Tags: 1860-1869, usa: history: civil war, usa: iowa, ~native americans

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