cheriola (cheriola) wrote in little_details,

Resource: Black Market Prices / Criminal Statistics

Do you need to know how much a hitman costs to hire, or how much a human trafficker makes, but are afraid to google is because the NSA probably won't take it kindly? Do you wonder what a kidney goes for these days? Or illegally shot elephant ivory? Or do you just want a comparison between what prostitutes earn in various countries?

Never fear, Havocscope has you covered.

(And don't worry, the site accumulates the information from international news publications and other publically available sources. So, while you may need to take the information with a grain of salt, it is perfectly legal.)
Tags: #resources, ~assassins & hitmen, ~medicine: transplants/transfusions, ~organized crime, ~prostitution, ~recreational drugs, ~weapons (misc)

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