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Night shift at a coffee shop

My character is working a late night shift at a coffee shop open around the clock, in an urban fantasy setting most comparable to present-day central Europe (though US or Canada info would also be extremely helpful). The coffee shop is not downtown, but is located in a fairly central location close to the university, and many students live in the vicinity.

  • How long would night shifts for a barista probably be, and at what time might they begin and end?

  • Is it reasonable to have two people working the night shift? (I would like there to be, so if there are any circumstances that would make this more plausible, that would be very helpful to know. *g*)

  • Is there likely to be a "dead" time of night when hardly anyone comes in? When would this most likely be (I'm guessing maybe 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. on weekdays)?

  • How often are muffins and other fresh baked goods replaced, if they aren't sold? So far I'm assuming that they will be replaced in the early morning (at the end of the night shift) every day or every other day, but this is pure conjecture on my part.

  • What usually happens to the unsold baked goods - is it unusual for employees to be allowed to take them free of charge, if they want?

Combinations of night shift barista, 24-hour / late night coffee shop / café with various other terms...

Anything you can tell me will help! Thank you very much. :-)
Tags: europe (misc), ~food and drink (misc)

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