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Male Prostitution in 1800 Japan.

Back again despite having just asked questions for another project a few days ago. I hit writer's block on that so I figured I'd work on another thing. Ironically, I needed help with that as well.

Scenario: A male character was born to a prostitute in the Yoshiwara District and later is sent to a male brothel to work. The work takes place when he's in his mid-twenties between 1800-1803.

Questions: What would every day life be for him? How much would a pretty male youth go for? What would be the layout of a brothel there be like? What would he wear? I read that crossdressing was fairly common for males so would this be a thing?

Googled: Male prostitutes in 1800's Yoshiwara, Male prostitutes in 1800's Japan, Male brothels Yoshiwara distract.

Other notes: I know there's a few books that would come in handy but I have no way of getting them, and when I tried do download one of them, I got a virus so that's sort of out of the question. I've also read a few articles on Wikipedia and other sites, but none of them really cover the time frame I need.
Tags: 1800-1809, japan: history, ~homosexuality: history, ~prostitution

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