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Medical Treatment After Diving Into Heavily-Polluted River?

Googled: Swimming in polluted water. Health hazards, polluted water. Unfortunately, I don't have the expertise to determine the danger of short-term acute exposure versus long-term continued exposure and most of the links had to do with water pollution in Third-World countries.

X-Posted to fanfic_med, but thus far, no responses.

Present-Day. My character is on the run. Faced with a choice between being taken and hurling himself into New York's East River, he jumps off of Pier 41. It's December. He's wearing a down winter coat.

He's not in the water for more than two minutes, but he will be out in the cold winter air for about 20 minutes before he gets to a hospital. (It's a Marvel Comics fic. Spidey is going to swoop in, pull him out of the drink, and websling his way to a hospital, but meanwhile, the character will be in the open air.) Once he gets there, what sort of medical tests/procedures/treatment will he receive? What are they treating him for? (I'm guessing hypothermia, shock, and/or exposure to start with, but since the East River isn't exactly sanitary, I'm not sure what else.) Also, assuming he's seen immediately, how long will it take to assess and treat his condition(s) and how long would they generally keep him there? Assume excellent medical insurance.
Tags: ~medicine: hypothermia, ~medicine: illnesses (misc), ~medicine: injuries (misc), ~water

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