KT Coope (kt_coope) wrote in little_details,
KT Coope

Data from DNA and Cyberpunk stuff

First post, and this is the best comunity ever.

Got a few questions on the sort of information someone can get from a small DNA sample for use in a cyberpunky story (I'm thinking the time period is about 2080, though it is alternate universe.) I'm assuming they've cracked the basics of the genome in that they can read what does what, but they don't have the ability to to splice it fully, and it's banned anyway.

Basically, I want people's computers to take DNA samples, from a kind of key they wear on themselves, partually for security (Which I think would be perfectly possible) and partly to generate the avatar they appear as online. So, some things I need to know:

1) Could a blood/dna sample tell what age you are? And if so what about height and build?

2) If the computer was fast and specialised enough, would it be able to generate an idea of what the person would look like at different ages if it can't tell outright the age from the sample.

3) How big a sample would you actually need?

and not quite linked but I'm still intruiged,

4) Where would be the best places on the body to put a module to interface with the nervous system? (For 'feely' programs) Would it be plugged into the brain or the spine? Or could it go on any nerve?

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