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PTSD, Dissociative Identity Disorder, and Psychiatric Hospital Treatment

Hey, friends, it's me again.

I'm back and this time writing a fan fiction that is post Captain America: The Winter Soldier, where a character is placed into a Psychiatric Hospital after the events due to all the trauma he's suffered over a 70 + period of time. There's a good chunk of the story that'll be taking place there and because of that I really want to make sure I can get this as correct as I can manage.

Putting details under a cut due to possible triggers:

Setting: New York (Brooklyn area), present.

Situation: The character blacks out in front of a woman's apartment and is taken to the hospital for care. When he gains consciousness, he lashes out at those around him (not knowing where he is or if these people are a threat). When he's brought back under control it's determined that he needs psychiatric treatment and is later placed in a Psychiatric Hospital for what appears to be PTSD, partial amnesia, and  Dissociative Identity Disorder brought on by years of psychological abuse, psychical abuse, torture, purposefully induced amnesia via brainwashing and mind wipes, implanting, being frozen and unfrozen from Cryo, and the near complete taking away any sense of personhood by his former handlers. He alternates frequently from unusually compliant and extremely aggressive. Eventually someone does show up to release him.

The Questions: I'm trying to figure out what they'd do for a situation like this one (well, as much as I can considering). Would they put him in a section of his own and not have him socialize with people?  Would someone not family even be able to sign for his eventual release? There's a lot of unknowns.

Goggled: Life in a Psychiatric Hospital, extreme cases in Psychiatric Hospitals, and I've read a few first hand experiences by non-extreme cases (two of which were by friends of mine).

Additional notes: The character is faster and stronger than a normal person, along with a faster acting healing factor.
Tags: ~psychology & psychiatry: amnesia, ~psychology & psychiatry: institutions, ~psychology & psychiatry: ptsd

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